XM - 04 (Spoken Ability Skills)

XM - 04 (Spoken Ability Skills)

As the very name suggests this module starts with a brief history of Chinese language ( zhong1 wen2 or Han4 yu4 as it is called.

Then dwells on Romanization of Chinese characters ( transliteration ) and the various forms which have been in vogue for around half a century and finally the evolution of PINYIN which is the most accepted form of Romanization globally and it is through this medium Chinese language is taught in this module.

The main characteristic of this module is to acquire spoken ability skills in Chinese language ( Comprehend what a Chinese national speaks and what an Indian speaks a native Chinese has to comprehend). So it can thus be surmised that we teach more importantly Comprehension skills which is the prime requisite of all working professionals who have a need to interact with Chinese during the course of their daily business requirements.

This module thus caters to the following professionals :

The course is so designed having conversational mode and involving lot of roll plays . The personnel mentioned above are more than happy to learn, develop conversational skills and their focus is not on learning to read and write Chinese characters.

The total course duration is 36 hours. There are totally 9 sessions of 4 hours each. mainly conducted over week ends ( Saturdays and Sundays ) from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm with ½ hour recess.

The following are taught during the course

  1. Pinyin alphabets pronunciation and teaching through the nearest pronunciation aids which are possible to replicate in Indian languages for ease of earning Chinese pronunciation.
  2. Chinese being a tonal language great emphasis is placed on this aspect with all its nuances.
  3. The participants are given extensive training in this aspect to fine tune proper pronunciation And are also given learning aids for the participants to practice at their own convenience
  4. To start with the participants are taught and insisted upon memorizing usually used greetings in daily conversations.
  5. Vocabularies connected with questions and possible answers, time factors and conversations thereof are taught.
  6. Numerals, and situation based conversations as in various locations such as at airports, train stations, checking into a hotel, visiting a restaurant , shopping, travels and tourisms needs . health concerns are taken care of.
  7. A brief into HSK modules ( Chinese proficiency level examinations – HSK – the internationally recognized certification courses ) are explained and a mock test paper is gone through to develop interest in those participants who would like to appear for HSK exams

This course is thus very comprehensive in its entirety and serves the immediate and essential purpose as a (Survival kit )

HSK Module (Part A & B)

Location: Online.

Dates: Batch starting from 2nd August, 2022

Spoken Ability Skills Module

Location: Online.

Dates: Batch starting from 20th August, 2022

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